Monday, January 25, 2016

Lenses for iPhones - How Cool Is This?

It's true the iPhone 6 phones are pretty amazing at taking photos. These photos are great for social media and even blogging making it perfect for those who want close to professional images for posting on these types of sites. Granted, you can't blow these images up into large prints like 16x20s, but they even don't look to bad as 5x7s!

People in the industry are learning this quickly. They also know that people just like us (even professional photographers) love to take photos with their iPhone. That's why today's deal is from Mpow.'s cheap enough that if you like it, you can buy one for your teenager too! (wink! wink!)

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It being right after Christmas, Mpow is offering these great little lenses at 45% off!!! I'm not sure how long this deal is going to last so, check it out quick to see if it is something you'd be interested in. 

Lovin' the whole Fisheye Lens!!!

Here are the specs of the lenses:

Professional Lens Kit

Want to make your phones or tablets become a Professional DSLR? The 3 in 1 phone lens kit is absolutely a great tool for you. It comes with the 180 degree Fisheye lens, 0.67X Wide Angle Lens and 10X Macro Lens which are built with high-clarity 4 element 3 group glass cell phone lenses, like the pro lenses, giving you clear shots every time.

Supreme Fisheye Lens

Features: 180 degree of the scene can be captured by Fisheye lens, which takes you into a stunning fantastic world.

Angle: 175 - 180 degree

Magnification: 0.33X

Lens Construction: 3 element 3 group

Max Diameter: 25mm

Length: 15mm

Wide-angle Lens

Features: Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery.

Angle: 130 degree

Magnification: 0.67X

Lens Construction: 2 element 2 group

Max Diameter: 20mm

Length: 11mm

Macro Lens 

Features: Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects.

Magnification: 10X

Min Object distance: 10-15mm

Lens Construction: 1 element 1 group

Max Diameter: 20mm

Length: 15mm

Please Note:

1.The Macro lens and the Wide-angle lens are attached together upon receival. When you use the Macro lens, please detach the Wide-angle lens from the Macro lens.

2.The optimal distance of taking pictures with the Macro lens is 0.4-1 inch. If your camera can't focus with the macro lens on, then move the whole thing closer to your object.

3.The Flash Light might be blocked when the lens is in use.


Every Mpow Product includes a 45 days money back & 18-month worry-free!

Antique Pocket Watch & Inspirational Saying - What Next?

Antique pocket watches are becoming harder and harder to find. I lucked into two of these pocket watches when my father-in-law passed two down to my youngest child. Apparently, this is something that is super important in my husband's family and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a few pics of them.

And, if you are a photographer or know a photographer, then, you know that it's not only hard to pass up taking these photos, it's hard not to share what you've taken so the world can see.

Another thing about me is that I love motivational quotes, inspirational sayings, bible verses, and whatever else falls into that category. I even started my own Facebook Page just to share inspirational photos with sayings from people across the globe!

As I suited up to head outside into our first blizzard of 2016, I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to get the image I wanted, but it actually didn't take too long. I started out with the pocket watch in the snow by itself with nothing else and since we had a foot or more of snow, it wasn't hard to do :)

Below was my first image. I liked it, but thought it looked more 'lonesome' than inspiring and motivational. I may still use it, but decided on the bottom image instead.

Here is the image I chose with the bible verse "To every thing there is a season". It's found in Ecclesiastes 3:1 kjv. I thought it was fitting with it being mid-winter, a blizzard, and the hope of spring on the way. 

Also, it does bring to mind that time passes, seasons change, and time heals all (well, most) wounds. 

Below is the image that made the cut and believe me there were quite a few as I kept changing positions, using trees as backgrounds, stumps, firewood, and even the sky. The pocket watch is sitting on top of a piece of unsplit firewood covered in snow with the sky in the background. The sky was actually full of colors (especially oranges and pinks) during this time, but I felt it took away from the watch itself. 

Let me know what you think and which one you like in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you <3

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Until next time, keep shooting!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quote About Time, Inspiring Pictures,Time Quotes by Tennessee Williams

Quotes about time can be so deep at times. This interesting time quote from Tennessee Williams really made me think. I read it several times before it sunk in. Now, granted, many quotes can mean different things to different people. This quote about time, I think, means exactly what Tennessee Williams meant for it to...

"For time is the longest distance between two places."

People living in two places that love each other whether family, a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend or another loved one, the time spent apart feels like such a huge distance. I didn't look up exactly why Tennessee Williams said it, but I didn't feel it important to know that part. I only felt it important that each person who reads it from here on out will have their on special thoughts it brings to the surface. 

What about you?

What does this quote about time mean to you? 

Keep reading below to find out how this image came to be...

©Everafter Images

This image is copyrighted, so if you use it anywhere on the web, it needs to link back here or to the Etsy Store it belongs. 

How was this image taken?

First, inspiration was needed to really make a great picture. This vintage pocket watch was giving to my son after being passed down from generation to generation (four to be exact). It was broken when he received it at the age of 10 and has been kept put up to ensure he will have it to pass on too. 

Since it was available (and photographers love stuff being available!), I decided to use it in a picture. I first had it arranged on our dark wooden table with a black backdrop, but it just didn't portray the image I wanted. The window sill was right next to the table and it was an overcast day (perfect photography weather!) 

It took quite a bit of trial and error along with several camera angles before I decided on this shot. There was just enough window, window sill, and darkness on the right to make it a perfect for me. (As a photographer, you will soon learn that pleasing yourself makes for better pictures than trying to please others.) When I first pulled this image up in Photoshop, I really liked it, but it was still lacking something. That's when I decided to add the texture to the image. Then, I felt the right side was just too bare. Hence, the quote about time came into play!

I searched quite a few quotes before finding this one and as soon as I read it, I knew it was the one I would use :)

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Everafter Images Day One: Horses and Sunsets

Although I have titled this post 'day one', it is certainly by far not the first day of my photography journey. Nonetheless, it is day one of opening this blog to share images and posts along the way about my personal photos, latest photo sessions, weddings, mistakes, tips and tricks, and also what's coming up! If you love photography and deals, I'm hoping you'll hit the share buttons below, bookmark this page, and come back often!

I will be honest ~ I am not sure where this blog will lead, but I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that it is truly hard telling!

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In the meantime, here are a few of my latest images.

Meet Brady...

This photo session wasn't a typical photo session. I had went with the intent of shooting some images as a prelude to a full session in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to get some shots here and there because the area was so massive. Brady's aunt wanted to get some images of him with his horse that he worked so hard that summer to get. It began in the spring when Brady decided to sell produce to pay for his own horse and saddle. He set out to start his garden, grow his fruits and veggies and see what came of it.

To everyone's surprise, he made more than enough money to buy his horse and saddle. It was a long hard, hot summertime that made the old saying 'hard work pays off' a reality for him.

At the end of the day, I ended up with several images his aunt loved!! Here are a few of them. We also got one awesome silhouette of him on his horse too, but I am saving that for a later post about 'How to shoot silhouettes'.

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Getting saddle and bridle on! 

In this image, we were climbing a dirt/rock road up a huge hill and came across this perfect spot to catch some sun rays coming in camera right. It was beautiful!

It took a couple of hours, but we finally made it to the top of the hill. Here is one of the sunset images we got! This was one of our favorites and it was even an accident I captured it! That is why it pays to always have your camera out shooting! You never know when you are going to end up with a gem like this one! 

If you'd like to learn more about photography, here is a fantastic book to help further your photography journey!! It is packed full of info and 12 hours of video to help too! This is one book every new or intermediate photographer needs!

 Good luck on your journey!