Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quote About Time, Inspiring Pictures,Time Quotes by Tennessee Williams

Quotes about time can be so deep at times. This interesting time quote from Tennessee Williams really made me think. I read it several times before it sunk in. Now, granted, many quotes can mean different things to different people. This quote about time, I think, means exactly what Tennessee Williams meant for it to...

"For time is the longest distance between two places."

People living in two places that love each other whether family, a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend or another loved one, the time spent apart feels like such a huge distance. I didn't look up exactly why Tennessee Williams said it, but I didn't feel it important to know that part. I only felt it important that each person who reads it from here on out will have their on special thoughts it brings to the surface. 

What about you?

What does this quote about time mean to you? 

Keep reading below to find out how this image came to be...

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How was this image taken?

First, inspiration was needed to really make a great picture. This vintage pocket watch was giving to my son after being passed down from generation to generation (four to be exact). It was broken when he received it at the age of 10 and has been kept put up to ensure he will have it to pass on too. 

Since it was available (and photographers love stuff being available!), I decided to use it in a picture. I first had it arranged on our dark wooden table with a black backdrop, but it just didn't portray the image I wanted. The window sill was right next to the table and it was an overcast day (perfect photography weather!) 

It took quite a bit of trial and error along with several camera angles before I decided on this shot. There was just enough window, window sill, and darkness on the right to make it a perfect for me. (As a photographer, you will soon learn that pleasing yourself makes for better pictures than trying to please others.) When I first pulled this image up in Photoshop, I really liked it, but it was still lacking something. That's when I decided to add the texture to the image. Then, I felt the right side was just too bare. Hence, the quote about time came into play!

I searched quite a few quotes before finding this one and as soon as I read it, I knew it was the one I would use :)

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